For many, July 4th is a time of celebration. Families and friends gather to watch or set off fireworks in celebration of America's Independence. However, for some in the Las Vegas Valley, Independence Day is just another day of trying to survive in record breaking temperatures this summer.

Fraternity members living and visiting Vegas this past week kicked off July 4th by helping those who are hit the hardest during periods of extreme dangerous heat in the Valley - homeless men and women.

As part of ALZFI's Operation Hydrate for Health, frats distributed over 150 bottles of ice cold water and ice in areas of the city known for having high populations of homeless residents.

"We may have saved a life today," stated Frat Undisputed, resident of Las Vegas, "It's hard enough living out here on the streets,  but being out here in excruciating heat is just plain dangerous. Many of us are blessed with air conditioned homes, and we forget about those who do not have such luxuries."

"I've have never experienced heat like this," stated Frat Prominent, visiting from Atlanta, GA, "I am just glad we are able to help somebody beat the heat today."

Serving our communities is a key goal of the fraternity's Lambda Action Network Program. Through the program, fraternity members provide hundreds of hours of service to various communities throughout the United States every year.