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Leadership Academy Winter 2018 Graduates

Leadership Academy Winter 2018 Graduates












It takes hard work, dedication, and HEART to be



Many step up, but few get to STAND UP!

With that said we PROUDLY INTRODUCE



Alpha Lambda Zeta Fraternity, Inc.

#1-Frat L1mitless – T. Yancy

Murfreesboro, TN

#2-Frat 2ignificant – S. Barber-Rhone

Antioch, TN


#3-Frat PHortifi3d – T. Simmons 

Lewisville, TX



DimensionZ Of An Alpha


Alpha Lambda Zeta Fraternity, Inc presents our newest graduates of the Leadership Academy Winter 2018Dimensions of an Alpha1. Frat L1mitless2. Frat 2ignificant3. Frat PHortifi3d💎💎 WELCOME HOME FRATS💎💎

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Frat Highlight – S. Mitchell – Frat Premiere

Frat Highlight – S. Mitchell – Frat Premiere


Frat Name: Premiere

Line Theme: Alpha’s Monologue

Date Crossed: Dec 20, 2008

Location: Atlanta, GA

S. Mitchell joined the Alpha Lambda Zeta Fraternity, Inc. on December 20, 2008, and since joining, she has served in various leadership roles within the fraternity at the local, regional, and national level. She also has played a key role in the growth and development of the fraternity, particularly in the southeastern region. “I wanted to be a part of change for the LGBTQ community. To be around and a part of like-minded womyn like myself, professional and productive, was a goal of mine. When I was an interest, the members I met made me feel like family and carried themselves to a higher standard. It was then that I knew ALZFI was my home for life,” she says.

Premiere demonstrates commitment and dedication in her personal and professional life on a daily basis. Her top major accomplishments in life has been finishing code enforcement school with an A average and at the top 5% of her graduating class.  As the owner of a highly successful executive protection firm, she is also an entrepreneur specializing in handling high profile clients.  Through hardwork and determination, she has managed to remove the barriers and perception of masculine females in the security industry, and with over 15 years in law enforcement, she has become a highly respected professional in her field for the work she does.  Personally, Premiere also boasts the accomplishment of preparing to marry her soulmate.

As a member, her most impactful experience has been helping those who aren’t able to help themselves, and being able to give back to people who may have lost their homes, have no food to eat, or just needing clothes to wear. To her, Community Volunteerism has been both impactful and rewarding.

 Through hardwork and determination, she has managed to remove the barriers and perception of masculine females in the security industry.

As a member, Premiere has also been able to garner support for the causes closest to her heart, with her most memorable service experience being the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk For A Cure. “My mother survived breast cancer twice, and since she was first diagnosed with this disease in 1998, we all thought it was the end. My mother showed us what a true fighter was and beat breast cancer. When my mom recovered, although my siblings and I all lived in different parts of the USA, we all did the walk and volunteered with the Cancer Society. I was elated when I joined ALZFI, and we did the Breast Cancer Walk for a Cure. We did the walk for my mom and for everyone in the world who has been affected by this disease,” she says. Currently, Premiere regularly volunteers with the VA hospital in Decatur, helping US military veterans with their day to day routine.

The most rewarding benefit of membership that Premiere has gained is Fraternal Sisterhood. “When my mother passed away, this FAMILY came together without a blink of an eye and made sure I made it through with prayers, calls, cards, money, hugs, and nothing but LOVE to help me get through my time of bereavement. For that I am forever grateful for my Frat, my sisters, my friends,” she says.

Alpha Lambda Zeta Fraternity, Inc. is proud to highlight S. Mitchell, Frat Premiere, for her outstanding contributions to this organization and her community. She serves as an example, mentor, friend, sister, and leader on a daily basis for her fellow fraternity sisters and continues to Change Our Image, by Changing Their Vision.