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Alpha Lambda Zeta Fraternity, Inc. is an organization that seeks to create positive change within our community. We offer members the opportunity to better themselves and the community by leading a regal life guided by our 5 principles: Fraternal Sisterhood, Political Outreach, Community Activism, Erudition and Professionalism.

Here are just a few of the benefits of membership in Alpha Lambda Zeta:

Fraternal Sisterhood

Alpha Lambda Zeta Fraternity, Inc. is a unique organization of unique womyn who have a unique connection. Our frats create bonds that last a lifetime and support each other in various areas of life such as personal, professional, and spiritual endeavors. Members have the opportunity to network and create bonds with frats in various locations throughout the US through various national events and meetings such as Biennial National Conclave, and thus, create bonds with frats within and outside of the local areas.  We proudly boast the diversity within our membership and enourage womyn from various ages, locations, and race categories to learn more about who we are and what we do.

Community Volunteerism and Political Outreach

Service is the cornerstone of what we do and the foundation of who we are as an organization. Fraternity members are expected to participate, support, and create  service opportunities in their communities and participate in political activism through our Lambda Action Network and VOICE Programs. Members are given the opportunity to serve in causes close to their hearts within a premiere organization that supports, encourages and rewards their efforts.

Leadership Training

In Alpha Lambda Zeta Fraternity, Inc.  members undergo training and are afforded the opportunity to develop key leadership skills that are valuable inside and outside of the fraternity. Members are expected to work toward the common goals of the fraternity and are given the tools to do so.  Members understand that hard work is a requirement for membership. Interests may be offered an invitation for membership only upon successful completion of our Leadership Training Academy.


We recognize that being a mascline-identified lesbian woymn is a unique identity that comes with many challenges and opportunities.  Alpha Lambda Zeta Fraternity, Inc. provides support to our members and to the LGBT-focused organizations in our community to promote equality, awareness, and understanding of these challenges and opportunities.

Use the Alpha Lambda Zeta Fraternity, Inc. Questform for membership inquiry.