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Membership Reinstatement

Reinstatement Procedures

Reinstatement Request

Inactive members wishing to apply for reinstatement as an active member of Alpha Lambda Zeta Fraternity, Inc. may initiate the reinstatement application process by submitting a reinstatement request letter, which should clearly state the basis for reinstatement, to the Membership Committee at:


In accordance with the Membership Reinstatement Policy, active membership may be reinstated upon determination of qualification for reinstatement by the National Membership Committee, payment of all outstanding dues/fees, and submittal of a complete reinstatement package.

Reinstatement Period

Inactive members who seek reinstatement must submit the required materials as described in Section B (e) of the Membership Reinstatement Policy within the open reinstatement period from January through September. The fraternity will not review or approve reinstatement requests during the months of October, November, and December.

All  inactive members who qualify to apply for reinstatement may, at any time, request a copy of the current Membership Reinstatement Policy by contacting the Membership Committee at membership@alphalambdazeta.com.