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Welcome Spring 2015 New Members


ALPHA  is EASY TO WANT but OH SO HARD TO GET! Being REGAL is EASY TO SAY but HARD TO BE! It takes hard work, dedication and HEART to be A REGAL ALPHA Many step up, but few get to STAND UP! With that said we PROUDLY INTRODUCE: The SPRING 2015 Training Academy of Alpha Lambda Zeta Fraternity, Inc. #1 – Excellent1 – K. Pickett #2 – 2ruth – S. Chester #3 – L3gend – C. Reynolds #4 – MysticAL – T. Stevenson #5 – LyricAL – J. Bogerty ALpha’s Epic F.I.V.E. We are so proud of these Aggs,  they stood strong […]

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Introducing Fall 2014 New Members….

ALPHA is EASY TO WANT but OH SO HARD TO GET! Being REGAL is EASY TO SAY but HARD TO BE! It takes hard work, dedication and HEART to be A REGAL ALPHA Many step up, but few get to STAND UP! With that said we PROUDLY INTRODUCE: The FALL 2014 Training Class of Alpha Lambda Zeta Fraternity, Inc. #1 – VAnquish – K. Ealy #2 – VibrAnce – T. Morgan #3 – VALiant – S. Taylor ALphapocalypZ We are so proud of these Aggs they stood strong and we welcome them into the ALZ fAmiLy and look forward to […]

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ALZ Stories of Courage – National Coming Out Day – Oct 11

  National Coming Out Day (NCOD) is an internationally observed civil awareness day celebrating individuals who publicly identify as a gender identity or sexuality minority. The day is observed annually by members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies on October 11. “Coming out is a journey; not a destination…just like life. I found true freedom and unconditional love once I fell in love with and accepted my own truth!” – B. Kelley (Frat Envigor)  FRAT STORIES OF COURAGE: S. Horn (Frat Koncise) I’ve been criticized most of my life about my lifestyle choice.  The ignorance of people who believed that my […]

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A Lesbians’ Exploration of Gods’ Unconditional Love: Yes God loves Me! – Frat ENvigor

 My hardest, most devastating and most triumphant battle has been two-fold: finding where I fit in the church and convincing myself that God loves me no matter who I choose to love. I am a Lesbian who grew up in church. My Nana required me to attend Church everyday, which included: prayer meeting, sunday school, usher board rehearsal, choir rehearsal, 2-3 services on Sunday and anything else that I could attend. Church was such a large part of my childhood and I really loved it. I enjoyed getting dressed up, helping the elders,  mentoring the younger children, praising God and […]

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Being an AG in Academia – Frat Caden

In an ever evolving world where we are encouraged to be ourselves, there exists a dark underside that still dictates what “ourselves” is supposed to be. For those that fit into the neat molds of “supposed to”, this may not be a noticeable fact. For others, those with identities that break down walls of pre-accepted normalcy, being yourself can be a source of anxiety. Growing up is difficult enough as you begin to understand the physical changes to self and become more of who you are and less of who you were told to be. As we gravitate towards our […]

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Eat Baby Back Ribs for a Cause in Illinois

In Alpha Lambda Zeta Fraternity, Inc.’s continued effort in support of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) awareness, our members in Illinois (Great Lakes Region) have joined in the fundraiser through Chili’s restaurants for the MS Society Greater Illinois Chapter. Print the coupons below, use them anytime you visit a Chili’s in IL, and 10% of the proceeds will benefit the MS Society.   The fundraiser was started by Belinda James of Homewood, IL, a friend of W. Greenwood (Frat Chivalrous, SU’13). Belinda was diagnosed with MS in 2008 and became active with the MS Society in 2009. To start the fundraiser she reached out to her local Chili’s Restaurant in regards to their Give Back Program, from […]

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Random Acts of Kindness Week – March 17 through March 24

Alpha Lambda Zeta Fraternity, Inc. will kick off our March Random Actions of Kindness (RAK) Week on March 17 th.  RAK continues to be one of ALZFI’s priority initiative under the organization’s Lambda Action Network Program and has been for approximately 6 years. When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace. The 14th Dalai Lama (1935) A random act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a person or people wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual […]

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