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Our Training Programs


Leadership Training Academy

Eight week training in leadership, team work and self development. Open to qualified prospective members only. Learn More


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Big Bruh & Big Sis Program

Open to members only. This is a 12-month new member mentorship program.


Leader In Training  (LIT) Certification

Open to members only, this is a self-led online training program where members learn about various areas of leadership and management including project management,  budgeting, ​and more. Get Enrolled


Distinguished Leader (DLC) Certification

Open to members only. This is a 6-week, instructor-guided leadership program for those seeking to advance professionally, personally, and within the fraternity. Graduates are recognized, awarded, and qualified to serve as leadership within ALZFI. Learn More


Regal Readiness

Open to members only. This is a self-paced online training program that is geared towards sharpening your business acumen and professional growth. Members who desire to further their knowledge in ALZ Business and personal life skills are encouraged to take these optional courses. Click here to learn more.

Enroll Here: Regal Readiness Request Form (

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